Ethanol also referred to as bio-ethanol is produced from a natural process of fermentation of sugars in plant products such as corn and wheat. This makes Bio ethanol a renewable source of energy because it is derived from plant products that are easily produced.
Ethanol fire pits are relatively new but are steadily gaining popularity and especially for indoor heating and decor.

Ethanol burns cleanly with no smoke, ashes or dangerous fumes. It only emit a small of carbon dioxide and steam. It is for this reason therefore that ethanol fire pits do not require a chimney or a vent of any kind.

To light the an ethanol fire pit, you simply pour your bio oil directly into the fuel burner in Ethanol fire pityour fire pit and then use a long wand lighter to ignite. Do not however over fill the fuel tray and in case you spill the ethanol out of the fire burner clean up immediately before igniting.
The flames produced by these fire pits is usually scattered so it may take a few minutes for the flames produced to be at their best. Most of the fire pits come with the option of regulating the flame size.

Depending on the bio-ethanol fire pit manufacturer, ethanol will burn for about 1 to 5 hours and you can always refill when you want to continue burning. Bio ethanol can be bought from gas stations and DIY stores. When purchasing the fuel, ensure that you buy the right kind meant for fire pits and the bottle should clearly state’ bio-ethanol’

NEVER pour ethanol into the burner when the fire pit is ignited and burning or when the burner is hot.

If you end up not using all your bio ethanol in a single sitting and you want to reuse your pit, ensure you allow the burner and the ethanol to cool down first before relighting. Failure to do this may result in serious injury seeing as ethanol is a highly volatile and flammable liquid.
For safety purposes, place your fire pit on a stable and level surface to avoid any spillage and keep your ethanol fire pit a safe distance away from flammable materials.

Outdoor ethanol fire pits
Ethanol fire pits are however not very popular for outdoor entertainment compared to other fuel types. When it comes to heat dispersion, ethanol fire pits work best in an enclosed space that way heat is retained within the space. Therefore these pits may not work well outdoors because unlike the other fire pits types to feel the heat you may need to be close to the fire pit as most of the heat will be lost to the air outdoor space with a roof would help with preserving the heat.

Again bio ethanol fuel unlike the other fire pit gases which are delivered at pressure comes in bottles. So outside especially when there are windy conditions the flames will likely be blown about non-stop.

Modern ethanol fire pits are however varied in design style and so finding a design that solves all these problems is not be problem. For example some designs contain a screen or glass guard to protect the flames from being blown.
On the downside these pits are not good for cooking and roasting. Low heat production and all
Also ethanol fire pits do not produce as much heat as propane, natural gas or wood burning fire pits.

Like any other fire pit, ethanol fire pits can be quite dangerous if handled with carelessness. Before your buy a fire pit ensure it has been tested and certified.

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