OUTDOOR FIRE PIT FURNITURE-What you need to know

When it comes to choosing furniture to use with your fire pit, most outdoor furniture types will do just fine so it’s a matter of taste. In this case you are spoilt for choice because there is simply everything for everyone in the decor market to accentuate whatever outdoor ambiance you are trying to achieve. Whether it is the rustic look, a kind of traditional style or the homey and cozy setting you’ll find it all. In different styles and designs.Outdoor Fire pit furnitureWhen choosing your fire pit furniture, there are a few things to consider other than the furniture set.

At a later post I’ll be discussing the best outdoor furniture sets you could choose to go along with your fire pit but for today let’s look at some of the functionality issues to consider when making your outdoor furniture choice.

Different outdoor furniture sets are made of different materials and fabrics. Although most materials that make outdoor furniture all meant to withstand weather conditions over long periods of time, some will generally withstand exposure to weather elements better than others. Investigate the characteristics of each material first before making that purchase. Wrought aluminum, iron, plastic and all-weather wicker are popular for frame construction of outdoor furniture.

Since your sets are for use outdoors, you may want to pick sets that will withstand the elements over time. Like any other outdoor or indoor furniture, durability of a furniture is important because you want to keep it looking as good years to come. Pick fire pit furniture made of materials that will age with beauty and is relatively resistant to the outdoor elements. Furniture made of eucalyptus does really well due to its resistance to moisture and insect infestation. Resin coated-wicker furniture sets are also great.

Again before buying a set, consider the upkeep and maintenance of the outdoor furniture set. Obviously the materials making the furniture will determine the maintenance requirements of the furniture. Some wood furniture sets such as cedar furniture and metal furniture sets are fairly easy to maintain and clean.

Clean your outdoor wood furniture using a suitable wood cleaner routinely or some water and soapy water depending on the type of furniture. I wouldn’t however recommend spraying your furniture with lots of water regularly because moisture may cause rots, stains or even rusting on some furniture types. Always dry your furniture thoroughly, wood or otherwise should be kept dry. Periodic oiling and painting will be required for some of the sets depending on material.

Whether your outdoor furniture set is built in or permanent, always ensure it is well beautiful furniture setcovered with a water proof cover and these you can readily find in decor stores because this will go a long way in increasing your furniture’s life span. If your fire pit furniture set is portable it is always best to store indoors away from outdoor elements doesn’t matter how good the quality is.

For a permanent fire pit furniture set, you can also use retractable awnings or a market umbrella as shown above over your sets along with the covers.

Before you buy any fire pit chairs,

You could take a seat and have a feel of the furniture’s comfort and suitability in relation to your fire pit. Also this will help to determine if the bolts and nuts holding the furniture in place are tight so that the chair is strong and rigid.

Examine the height of the chairs relation to your fire pit. You don’t want them either too low or to high and then pick the best suited set for your outdoor fire pit. Make sure the chairs are roomy and comfortable as some chairs can be quite hard and uncomfortable.

Also  look at the angle at which the chairs are slanting. Obviously you don’t want to pick a chair that will leave you stiff and aching all over ones you’re done using it.

Again your fire pit chairs must be well and closely fitted at the joints and the joints should also be smooth and neatly done. The overall chair should have a clean, uniform finish with no sharp, uneven edges.

Something else to consider with your fire pit chairs is they will be moved around. If that is so choose lightweight chairs. But permanent or portable ensure safe distance is Furniture setmaintained between the chairs and the fire pit, many of the materials that make these chairs are not fire-resistant not to mention you also want to avoid injury.
Depending on what you’re looking for and the style in mind, such things as the arm rest will also come into play, just ensure your fire pit chair is comfortable.

When making your outdoor furniture choices, do not compromise on quality simply because you want to save a few coins. You might get tricked into thinking that simply because a low-quality but cheap furniture set looks great in the store the same will be years to come. Well, that may not be the case when it’s easily damaged or when it loses the beautiful vibrant look and starts getting lose and brittle after just a few months. But then again I guess it all comes down to one’s budget, right?
One could justify buying cheap quality if it manages to last a few months, a year or two maybe that you got your money’s worth, right?

In case you are considering building benches for your fire pit seating rather than buy a traditional furniture sets, then it is important to adopt built-in or permanent benches that will fit well with your outdoor fire pit style and design.Funiture
Brick and concrete are popularly used for the built in kind because of their low maintenance and natural resistance to outdoor elements plus their resistance to fire is also an advantage.

Whichever style you pick ensure you leave enough space for the fire pit and peoples movement. You don’t want your bench too close to the fire pit because it might get too hot and you also don’t want it too far away from the warmth.

You could also get a little creative with felled down trees in your yard if you have any. Tree stumps could make great seating stools if shaped well and you could also customize your very own chairs from tree stumps.Wood bench

Whatever you decide, there is no limit to choice out fire pit furniture, you will find a wide assortment of furniture from many stores so just look at what will fit well with your outdoor decor and landscaping and just top it up with personal taste and preference.

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  1. hi there
    those are great ideas and great examples of fire pit outdoor furniture! I pretty much love all of them 🙂 I am a big fan of eucalyptus wood or acacia. Or resin coated wicker, which is what I have. Granted it is not for a fire pit but rather for my patio but dear God is it easy to clean and maintain! Just soap and water once in a while and they are good. I do have the luxury of having a covered balcony though so that helps a lot. But still it is one heck of a good material to use for outdoor furniture!

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