Fire Pit Liners

Fire pit liners or inserts are important an important feature when constructing any outdoor fire pit.
Because of the high temperatures inside a fire pit, fire pit liners must to be able to withstand extreme heat stresses. This is important because with some materials, because of the process of expansion and contraction, the bonds between their particles little by little lose cohesion. This is when you will start noticing cracks appearing on the walls of your fire pit until eventually your fire pit becomes nothing but an ineffective crumbling mess.

When building a fire pit, it’s always better to deal with fire pit liner matters first to avoid unnecessary headaches. This is because the liner will determine the diameter and depth of your fire pit. If you were to dig you fire pit hole first and you get your dimensions wrong then you would have to adjust them to accommodate your liner. If you must dig a hole first then make sure you have your dimensions right to avoid future problems when buying your liner or you can always just have one custom made.

So why is a fire pit liner important?

  • Fire pit liners insulate the materials used to build your fire pit be it stones, concrete blocks or metal. Most of the materials that are used to build the outer frame of fire pits may not do well when exposed to direct and extreme heat
  • Also a fire pit liner is useful because it essentially holds or houses your fire pit burning materials, the fire logs and fillers.
  •  A fire pit liner serves as the core foundation of your fire pit and helps to increase its durability. Without a fire pit liner a fire pit life span may be likely limited as it may not hold for long.
  • Help in the dispersion of heat around the fire pit area.

Fire pit liners are made from different materials but some of the most common include metal and brick.

Metal liners
Metal fire pit liners/inserts made of metal are mostly made of stainless steel. Steel liners are popular because they are flexible to temperature changes and durable.

What makes steel suitable for lining

  •  The process of building s fire pit using a steel liner is far easier than say, using fire brick liners.
  •  A steel fire pit liner is a good protector of your fire pit frame against extreme heat.
  •  Steel is a very good media for dispersing heat unlike rocks or stones which tend to absorb the heat. It makes for a warmer fire pit experience.
  •  It’s a strong metal which therefore means your fire pit’s foundation also becomes strong, stable and also durable.

Firebrick liners
Firebrick sometimes referred to as refractory brick is especially used to line fire pits built with concrete masonry units, stone or bricks. Fire brick is then mortared with refractory cement which is then used to line the fire pit.

The most common ones are pale och re and red color.
Unlike ordinary bricks these bricks are specially made to be used in conditions that require extreme temperature for example the inside of a fire pit. For this reason fire bricks undergo a process that makes them fire rated.

Here are some of the reasons that make fire brick different from ordinary brick and a suitable material for lining the interior of fire pits

  • Fire bricks are kilned to withstand high temperatures.
  • Are denser and stronger than ordinary brick.
  • Also, fire bricks are tough and do not break under rapid temperature changes as would be the case with many fire pit materials. This feature is perhaps what makes fire brick ideal for fire pit lining.
  • They are made without pockets of air and water thereby eliminating the danger of explosion caused when these air and water pockets in ordinary bricks and rocks expand  when heated.

There you have it, all the reason why a fire liner is important for the longevity of your fire pit.


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  1. what is the best material to use in 2″ gap between a 28″ SS liner and typical fire pit wedge shaped stones to limit the heat transfer?

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