EASY DIY FIRE PIT KITS- Ready to finish fire pit enclosures/housings

There is a satisfactory feeling one gets after building ones fire pit from scratch. Right? But what if you wanted to build your own fire pit but you didn’t know how to go about it, where to start from or you wanted to reduce the manual labor involved?

Well, thanks to advancement in technology and stiff competition in the fire pit market, several easy ‘Do It Yourself’ fire pit kits are in the market today that have provided solutions to the above questions. No doubt they have helped a great deal improving the outdoor experience.

So now you can build a fire pit without the hassle and stress of having to start from scratch. With the introduction of ready-to finish fire pit housings or enclosures, manual labor involved in the building process is greatly improved not to mention the time saved.

These DIY fire pit enclosures are highly weather resistant and are made from strong materials that form a good solid base when you build your fire pit.

They of course come in a wide variety of size and shapes. Because they come unfinished, you will add your own burner and the finishing material your desire to suit your decorative needs. This could be bricks, mortar, stone veneer or any other material you may want.

So why buy an enclosure in the first place rather than buy a fully made and functional fire pit?

  • You will be responsible for the final finish so you get to decide how you want your fire pit to look like.
  • It offers an opportunity to build a unique fire pit to your own specifications and tastes with less manual labor if you were to build from scratch.
  • Ready-to-finish fire pits are a relatively easy and fast way to have that ‘custom made’ look without the usual hassles.

Common materials for DIY ready to finish fire pit housings
Aluminum Frame
Made with concrete board base ready to finish.
Cement board
Is a sturdy and lightweight material made by mixing cement and fiber glass.
Galvanized steel
Galvanized steel has been fused to a protective zinc coating. This strengths the steel while also making it rust resistant.

When buying a burner pan for your fire pit enclosure make sure you buy the right size for your enclosure. The housings have a set size to accommodate the burner and any attempts to increase the size of the enclosure yourself may result in its destruction.

By themselves these housings may not look like much but with a little creativity and some work you will be able to create a fire pit that you will use for years.

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