Fire Pit Water Feature Combo

While water and fire may not necessarily work well together, new landscaping trends have come up with creative trends that allow designers to create fire pit water feature combinations. Which is why, fountains that double as fire pits are increasingly becoming popular for home owners especially around pools. When water is added to a fire pit, it ceases to be an ordinary fire pit and becomes something exceptional.

Water and fire combination feature can be built using the standard bowl basins designed for this kind of purpose or one can have a custom one created to suit your needs and specifications. There really is no limit to design.

While you may have the idea as to how you want your feature to look like (design), you will need experts for the installing process because of the issue of safety and gas lines.

So why a fire pit water feature combination?

  • Eliminates the need to choose between a water feature and a fire pit.
  • Saves on space especially where there isn’t much of it to accommodate both features.
  • They are unique and eye catching; water and fire pits will enhance any backyard living environment, setting it apart from all others.
  • This kind of feature will also act as a decorative piece in addition to providing warmth.
  • Creates a great outdoor ambiance. What better way to enjoy the warmth of fire than to add the soothing sound of a shear, running water.Here are some of the things you can expect from a well manufactured and installed water fire pit.
  1. Should be constructed using high-quality materials to provide excellent durability.
  2. Most manufacturers prefer copper or cast concrete.
  3. Come in automated electronic or manual ignition compatible with either natural or propane gas.
  4. Automated systems should be able to be operated remotely from any pool operating system.
  5. The bowls are available in different shapes and you will decide on the type of decorative stone or decorative fire glass you want to use as the fire toppings.

Thinking of something that will drastically change the appearance of your backyard? Why not consider a fire pit water feature combo. Two of natures opposite elements operating as one unit, this way you will be able to enjoy the best of both worlds not to mention you will create an effect in your backyard that is both elegant and magnificent.

However, make sure you hire designers are experts and who will make sure your outdoor feature complies with all applicable codes.

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