11 Amazing Designs of Fire Pits Built Inside Pools

Pools designs have come a long way from the usual traditional designs to unique and exciting designs that are not only built for the purpose of swimming but also to create an outdoor area that is visually appealing and elegant, an area that is cozy enough for relaxing and gathering. This has been made possible possible by incorporating other  outdoor features and amenities such as fountains, waterfalls and fire features to ensure a pool is not just an ordinary pool but an interesting inviting pool where people can hang around.

One of the most popular amenities introduced to pools is fire pits. Nowadays, more and more pool designers are coming up with designs that allow for fire pits to be built alongside pools for that much needed warmth after a swim thereby increasing the functionality of the pool outdoor area.

While I think fire pits built along the pool area are great and something one should consider adding around the pool, I think the ultimate outdoor experience is building a fire pit inside a pool.  The designs are such such that a fire pit area complete with a seating area and everything needed to create a small ‘patio’  are incorporated in the design giving the look of a small ‘patio’ in a pool built  or a small island. By incorporating a  fire pit inside a pool of water you get to enjoy the maximum effect of a fire-water combination…your very own small private island in your backyard. Now that is the real deal.

Why would you go for a fire pit inside a pool design?

  1. Well, if you don’t have enough space for both a fire pit and a water feature or you are just looking to save on space.
  2. If you have the resources, then why not.
  3. If your looking to transform your pool or outdoor living area by creating something eye catching and unique. What is more eye catching than a fire pit area inside a pool?
  4. To increase the functionality of either features because they compliment each other when combined.

Take a look at these examples here to explain the idea more.

1. Now this Is one stunning pool  with a fire pit and a great seating area. It has all the makings of an elegant, sophisticated yet functional  pool area, or is just the lighting that makes is so stunning? What do you think?

Photo By Grand Effects

2. This feature is from Celine Dion’s Jupiter Island House said to have large pools connected by  a water water park. Yep! This is what having lots of money will get you. Absolutely stunning pool!

Photo From Zillow
Photo From Zillow

3. This is just magnificent. Not only is the fire pit built inside the pool but they have included fire pit bowls placed on boulders flowing with water to increase the fire water combo experience. Lovely!

From Pool Stop

4. A bridge and a few stairs  leading down into the fire pit area connect the pool area to the rest of the outdoor area.

Mediterranean Pool
5. This pool with a fire pit gives the whole outdoor area that expensive look, you agree?
Andalusia at Coral Mountain
6. With the   lazy river wrapping around the sunken island, This one provides a beautiful outdoor area complete with a connecting bridge and a fire pit for that unique outdoor area for a gathering.
7. I know, this is simply beautiful!
8. Instead of a fully connected bridge to the the deck area, with this one you need to do a little more stretching of your feet or jumping- depending how long you legs are 🙂 to reach the fire pit area or you can always just get wet. Absolutely beautiful and unique outdoor pool design we have here.
9. I especially like the fire pit glass that matches the blue color of the pool in this one.
Freeform Pool Built for Entertaining
10. Looks simple and still lovely, yes?
From Zillow
11. Cozy pillows for the sitting area and you’re ready to enjoy a cool evening outdoors with friends and family.
From the above pictures, it obvious that a fire pit inside a pool helps to transform the outdoor experience into a setting that is beautiful as well as exciting. It’s something worth considering if you can afford it, right?
Which one does it for you? Me, I think the all are absolutely amazing, but the first one by Grand Effects takes the crown. 🙂 You?


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