Best Cast Iron Chiminea Outdoor Fireplace

The Blue Rooster Co. Venetian Style Cast Iron Wood Burning Chiminea in Charcoal.


Compared to outdoor fire pits and permanent chimineas,  portable chiminea outdoor fire places are not as popular. There are however  many outdoor living spaces that would benefit from the addition of a chiminea and people are discovering this as well. Metal chimineas are usually made of cast aluminum, steel and the focus of this article today, cast iron. Perfect for most small to larger spaces plus their ability to move from place, chiminea fire pits are very versatile not to mention way cheaper than permanent chimineas.

Cast iron chimineas are not the most popular of the three metals preferred for constructing chimineas. However, we did find some great options. Here is our list of the top 3 best cast iron chiminea outdoor fireplace for any outdoor area. Only chimineas constructed with durable cast iron are featured in this list.

Oakland Living Dragonfly ChimineaOakland Living Dragonfly cast iron Chiminea

  • Features different hardened powder coating finishes such antique bronze or charcoal for increased durability as well added beauty.
  • It is fade resistant neither will it chip or crack as a result of the high temperatures.
  • This cast iron chiminea outdoor fireplace is capable of fitting three to five logs but it can also use charcoal for grilling.
  • Comes with a screen, fire poker and a touch up paint bottle.
  • Comes with easy to follow setting up instructions and chiminea care information.

The Blue Rooster Co. Venetian Style Cast Iron Wood Burning Chiminea The Blue Rooster Co. Venetian Style Cast Iron Wood Burning Chiminea in Charcoal.

  • This cast iron chiminea outdoor fireplace features an hinged mouth screen door for accessing the fires.
  •  Also comes with a and rain lid built in carry handles for easier portability.
  • For keeping the embers contained, it has a spark arrestor.
  • Suitable for outdoor cooking because it comes with a removable top and grilling/baking area.

Deckmate Sonora Outdoor  Cast Iron Chiminea Fireplace Deckmate Sonora Outdoor Cast Iron Chiminea Fireplace

  • High temperature paint finish on top of the embossed cast iron construction.
  • Gives full 360 degree views of fire through the fine wire mesh that also acts as a spark screen.
  • Features a large sliding door for adding the logs and an ash catcher for easy cleaning.
  • Comes complete with a log grate and fire poker.

Remember that cast iron chimineas will require more maintenance to retain the paint finish otherwise they will weather to a patina finish. This patina finish is usually considered by some attractive and it blends well with the environment.

If you’re looking for the best cast iron chiminea outdoor fireplace that will be suitable your your outdoor setting, this list will help start you of. If you would rather buy a cast aluminum chiminea fireplace, then this is the list for you.




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