2018 Best Wood Burning Fire Pits-Forget the Rest, These Are The Top Rated

Landmann Big sky wood burning

Last Updated on: 04/04/2018

If you are not sure which wood burning fire pit you should buy, then this post may help you shorten the list. The list below according to our research, consists of some of the best wood burning fire pits you will find in the market based on customer reviews, functionality and durability. Additionally, some of these fire pits having some of the highest ratings. If you’re looking for a wood burning fire pit, then start with these ones;

Catalina Creations Heavy Duty Cast Iron Fire Pit Catalina Creations Heavy Duty Cast Iron Fire Pit with Cover and Accessories, 29"

  • Has a deep cauldron-like bowl which makes it perfect for large fires.
  • The bowl is crafted from cast-iron with a thick heavy duty steel base which will ensures the fire pit lasts for years.
  • It comes with a removable 24 inch diameter safety mesh spark screen to contain flying embers.
  • Also comes with a screen lifting tool, log grate and protective all-weather cover.

 Landmann Wood Burning Fire Pits

Landmann Big sky wood burning Landmann fire pits
Landmann wood burning fire pits are some of the most popular and top rated fire pits in the market currently. So, if want to buy a wood burning fire pit, Landmann fire pits would be my first recommendation.    They feature a sturdy steel construction for longevity.  They usually feature different kinds of decorative cutouts on fire box, from moon & stars cutouts, to wildlife cutouts and more. These cutouts make the fire pits very attractive, not to mention they enable nice views of dancing flames during fires.   Landmann wood burning fire pits are lightweight for easy portability and very ideal for camping and tailgating on the go.  They come with a poker for stoking the fire. Some Landmann designs include is a full size enamel cooking grate, a safety ring for easier carrying and a spark screen.

Solo Stove Fire Pit

Solo Stove Bonfire - Super Efficient Backyard & Patio Fire Pit. Less Smoke So Clothes Won't Smell. Modern Stainless Steel Design. Great for Outdoor, Backyards, Pagodas, Decks, Camping, Festivals

  • Solo Stove Fire pits may not be as popular as the Landmann fire pits but they may just be some of the highest rated fire pits in the market today. 
  • These wood burning fire pits are constructed from heavy duty stainless steel.
  • According the the manufacturers, Solo Stove Fire pits are “world’s most unique fire pits” reason being they utilize a unique system of combustion that results in combustion airflow efficiency. This is because the designs feature a double wall that maximizes airflow and combustion process.
  • Vent holes at the bottom allow air to feed the fire from below while at the same time directing warm air up between the walls of the fire pit and back into the fire. This results in a complete burn with little to no smoke. This process also means that the Solo stove fire pits use less wood to generates same amount of heat.
  • This makes them more economical than ordinary wood burning fire pits which is why Solo Stove Fire pits make it to list of the best wood burning fire pits!
  • They are wood burning fire pits and yet they burn cleanly.
  •  Are light weight and easy to carry.
  • Ideal for camping and tailgating.
  • Come with a heavy duty carrying case.

Sunnydaze Cosmic Outdoor Patio Fire Pits

  • These stylish  wood burning fire pit features star and moon cutouts.
  •  Sunnydaze Cosmic Patio Fire Pits are crafted from durable 75mm steel and finished with a rustic patina colored high temperature paint for a heat resistance.
  • Cosmic fire pits come with a safety spark screen, built-in grate strips for increased airflow and holding wood and a firewood poker/lifting tool for safely removing the spark screen and stoking the fire.
  • Ring around the fire pits makes the fire pits easier to move.

Fire Sense Folding Fire Pits

  • Fire Sense Folding fire pit is crafted from steel and finished with a heat- resistant paint.
  • Comes with a the cooking grate is which allows the fire pit to double up as a cooking grill.
  • This wood burning folding Fire Pit comes complete with a carrying bag, a wood grate, screen lifting tool and heat resistant mesh fire screen
  • With this Folding Fire Pit no tools are required for set up.  It is also light in weight making it ideal for camping, tailgating or grilling on the go.

So that concludes our top recommendations for 2018’s best wood burning fire pits.







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