Cleaning a Grill Without a Wire Brush-Grill Wire Brush Alternatives

Grill Wire Brush Alternatives

Lately wire brushes are becoming a growing concern, and with good reason. There are numerous warnings and “buyer beware” articles on the dangers of using wire brushes. People are being warned to stay away from grill wire brushes and find other alternatives that will clean a grill just as effectively. If you didn’t know, wire brushes can turn out to be dangerous tools to use to clean your grill because the bristles finding their way into people’s bodies and causing very serious injuries.

There have been several cases of people ingesting the bristles with food. The bristles are notorious for sticking in peoples throats such that whenever the said person swallows food, he/she experiences severe pain on the neck. Again there have been cases where the bristles found there their way into the small intestines such that the person ends up with severe abdominal pains. In both of these cases, surgery had to be carried out to remove the lodged bristles.

The lucky ones, required just one session for the bristles to be removed, but there are cases where the bristles could not be found because they had embedded themselves deep in the soft tissues of the patient’s body. So what happened is that they ended up requiring more surgeries in order to find the bristle. And still, that isn’t the worst that can happen. Worst case scenario, the doctors may determine that more damage may be done if they keep poking your insides trying to locate the bristle, so the solution is to leave it there for some time. Imagine living with that kind of pain and discomfort for few months. Awful! Right?

All for trying to be clean! Talk of absolute bad luck! So to avoid preventable visits to the hospital and emergency operations please STAY AWAY from grill wire brushes. All it takes is one bristle dislodging from the brush, sticking to the grill and embedding itself in the food you unknowingly consume and your life is altered forever.

I hope I scared the leaving daylights out of you if you’re still using a wire brush but if I haven’t try googling grill wire brush health cases or problems and see what comes up. Accidents related to wire bristles are happening a lot.

But people are starting to take the threat seriously which is why more and more safer alternatives to wire brushes are coming up. If you’re used and like the results of a wire brush, then cleaning a grill without a wire brush may not really appeal to you. Let me assure you though, these alternatives do the job just as well which means you will get the same end result only this time the risk of ingesting dangerous bristles is eliminated.

Grill wire brush alternatives;

1. Kona Bristle-Free Barbecue Grill Brush

Cleaning a Grill Without a Wire Brush

My absolute favorite and number 1 recommendation as a wire brush alternative.

It is made of  hard-wired stainless steel with a tough, weather resistant handle. Works best when the grill is hot and the long handle will ensure your hands never touch the hot grill as you clean. Does not scratch the surface hence it’s safe to use on porcelain, ceramic, iron and steel grills. It is especially excellent for removing tough residues on grills. 

KP Solutions Grilling Stone

Grill Wire Brush Alternatives

These ecological and safe-to-use grilling stones are suitable for removing those tough residues on your grills. They are designed with a non slip grip for convenient use as you move your hands up and down when doing your cleaning.

The Great Scrape

Grill Wire Brush Alternatives

Made from oak, you can be sure that the Great Scrape will not scratch your ceramic or porcelain grill grates. The wool scrapper is solid hardwood everywhere including the long handle which will ensure your hands are far away from the hot grill grates.

Universal Barbeque Grill Scraper

Universal Barbeque Grill Scraper, Martin Grill Gadget, No Harmful Bristles, 16" Long Wooden Handle, BBQ Grill Grate Cleaner Tool Fits ANY Rack, Made in USAAnother great and efficient tool is this Universal Barbeque Grill Scraper. The shaft of the grill scraper is made of a flexible aircraft grade aluminum metal. There’s a universal brass head that fits any grill grate  for through cleaning with a 16″wooden handle that is comfortable to grip and long enough to keep your hands away from the hot grill grates.

Grill Hog Cedar BBQ Grill Scraper

Grill Hog Cedar BBQ Grill Scraper - Full Size

Crafted from thick premium 100% Natural Western Red Cedar. It features Smooth  Edges for a comfortable grip. With continued use, this scraper will contour to your grill grates for better cleaning. Works well when the grill grates are hot and the long handle will ensure your hands are nowhere near them.

Wood Handle Slant Edge Grill Scraper

Grill Wire Brush Alternatives

Features a heavy duty stainless steel blade with a securely riveted wooden handle. Like most of the scrappers, you will have the best result if you first preheat your grill grates till they’re hot. This way the residue will soften and therefore easier the scrap off.

Cuisinart Saw Tooth Grill Scraper

Cuisinart CCB-581 Saw Tooth Grill Scraper

Features 5 sizes of thick steel teeth for every kind of grate that effectively scrape away the toughest of grill residues. Has a notch that wraps around to the under side of the grate for simultaneous cleaning of both the top and underside.

Nylon Grill Brush

Cleaning a Grill Without a Wire Brush

The bristles in this wire brush are made of nylon. They are thick and stiff yet still a safer alternative the the wire brushes. The bristles do not scratch the surface making this brush ideal for porcelain and ceramic grates. The metal hook at the end of the handle can be used as a grid lifter.  This Nylon grill brush should only be used on the grill when the grates are cool otherwise the bristles will burn.

Now, you may look at some of these scrapers and think, “this will require a little more effort to get my grill clean” when compared to the wire brush. True! But what’s a little more effort to be safe? It sure beats ingesting bristles that will end up perforating your insides and causing very serious injury. Stay away from wire brushes and instead opt for any of the above safe alternatives that will also do an excellent of keep your grill sparkling all year round. Be safe!








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