Deep Bronze 6-Sided Lattice Fire Pit Bowl

6 sided lattice fire pitIf you’re looking for something that isn’t your usual round or square shape, then the Deep Bronze 6-Sided Lattice Fire Pit Bowl fits the bill perfectly. With unique the hexagon lattice design and cross-weave cut outs, this fire pit will add style to any backyard or patio not to mention the uniqueness.

Deep Bronze 6-Sided Lattice Fire Pit Bowl is constructed using steel for that sturdy feel with a oil rubbed bronze finish and features a 24-Inch Bowl that is approximately 9-10 inches deep which may be a little shallow in my opinion.

Lightweight enough to move around the patio and it also includes a spark screen and integrated wood grate.

Assembly is very easy, just a few nuts and bolts and your ready to use your fire pit. Once assembled, you will find it to be structurally sound and will serve you for many seasons, but this is only if you take care of your fire pit.

Tips and pointers

Don’t ever leave the fire pit outdoors without a protective cover and keep it as far away from moisture as you can. Any contact with moisture and it will immediately start flaking and rusting.

Fire pit must always be covered with a weather proof cover.

This fire pit is supposed to be weather resistant but this may not be the case, so before you can start using your fire pit, coat the fire pit with a high temperature, rust proof paint, such as rust-oleum. This will definitely slow the rusting process.

Other than the shallow bowl and a few rusting issues (caused by leaving the pit outdoors and uncovered) majority of reviews Deep Bronze 6-Sided Lattice Fire Pit Bowl are positive. It’s a nice fire pit capable of serving your outdoor needs for some time. Just go through the reviews before you decide to buy it. You can check them out here.


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