6 Unusual Fire Pit Designs for Your Outdoor Living Area.

Once upon a time, the word fire pit was synonymous with warmth or outdoor cooking but thanks to innovation, some unusual fire pits these days help to serve a more decorative purpose in our outdoor living spaces. Unlike your typical, ordinary fire pit, these fire pits have been designed with a little more work going into their aesthetic appearance to ensure that they are not only eye catching, but also useful in enhancing the outdoor area on which they are placed.

So here are some few examples of these unusual fire pit designs:

Folia Fire Pit

folia fire pit

Doesn’t this just scream elegance? With flickering flames designed to rise from the middle of its blooming petals, the Folia Fire Pit is most assuredly designed to be a stunning centerpiece flower that would make a great accent to any outdoor setting.

It’s made of solid steel with gray epoxy paint which is weatherproof. The slits along the petals allow for easy cooking.

More on this gorgeous fire pit here.

American-Made Fire pit Art  Beach Seashells and Starfish Fire Pit

sea shells and star fish fire pit

This fire pit is not only made to be aesthetically appealing, but it’s a quality a product. It features a carbon steel construction and an outer maintenance free and weatherproof iron oxide patina to ensure it serves you for many seasons to come. The inner bowl coating is high temperature resistant and has a 19 diameter, 6 inch tall steel base.

Third Rock Fire Pit

third rock fire pit

When you light this fire pit up, you will be treated to the mesmerizing view of the world burn before your eyes. Third Rock Fire Pit features cut outs of the complete world with all its continents giving you a unique 360 view of the fire.

Its constructed using heavy gauge carbon steel with the exterior coated with an iron oxide patina. The interior is finished using high temperature paint and has a 1.5 inch hole for draining water.

Third Rock Fire Pit is not only functional but is also a decorative centerpiece designed to enhance your outdoor living space.

ModFire Urbanfire Fire Pit

Urbanfire fire pit

This original award winning unusual fire pit design by Modfire is constructed into a conical shape from gauge rolled steel. The conical design is both functional and uniquely attractive making it ideal for a patio or any outdoor space.

It includes a hand hammered fire bowl to hold wood logs for the wood burning model while the gas models come with a burner mounted in the fire bowl. The urban fire designs come varied in size and color finishing.

Fiery Fleur-de-lis Sculptural Fire bowl

fiery fleur

This stunning fire pit art is made from 100% recycled, handcrafted American-made steel. Designed by artist John T. Unger this fire art would make a great addition to a patio bringing style and elegance to your living outdoor space. Its maintenance free and the base is detachable to allow for easy surface leveling.

Waves o’ Fire Sculptural Fire bowl

waves o fire sculpture

The cascading wave pattern creates stunning reflections by a pool or pond or just a typical outdoor area.

It’s created from 100% recycled, American-made steel, hand cut and wire-wheeled to a smooth finish. Requires little to no maintenance except for some occasional painting if you don’t like the weathering of the natural patina overtime.

These are just but a few examples of what innovation has created. Which of these unusual fire pit designs would you pick for you outdoor area? I personally like the Folia fire pit, you?

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