Fire Pit Table Vs. Traditional Fire Pit, Which is Best?

Fire Pit Table Vs. Traditional Fire Pit, Which is Best?

The outdoor living area is an essential part of the home. While the interior of the house offers great comfort, so can the outdoor spaces but in a different way. The outdoor areas of the home are great for relaxation and even entertaining family and friends.

One of the ways to spruce up your outdoor space and outdoor living structures such as gazebos and pergolas is to add scanty and hardy furniture that looks great but can weather the exposure to natural elements such as sun, wind, dust, and rain. Including some element of fire brings the whole picture together for an inviting and functional look.

Fire pit tables and traditional fire pits are good choices to incorporate into your outdoor space. However, the question begs, which one is the best choice for your space?

Both options can very well deliver on your outdoor and fire needs. What will lead you to choose the most suitable option between these two choices is identifying what your need for an outdoor fire is.

For instance, below are some factors to consider before arriving at a decision. This ensures that whatever choice you make all your needs for introducing fire into your space are met.

  • What do intend to use as fuel? That would be wood, natural gas, or propane
  • Do you intend to use the fire for cooking?
  • How intense do you need the fire to be?
  • Are you looking to host large or small groups around the fire?
  • Where in your outdoor space do you want the fire to be?

These are but a few questions that help point you towards the right choice that meets and exceeds your fire experience in your outdoor space. In a sense, both these fire options are great when chosen based on your needs for a fire. Let’s explore each fire option individually to help you determine which one will work best for you.

Fire Pit Table

Fire pit tables are excellent for balconies, patios, decks, pool areas and structures. They come in a variety of designs, shapes, and materials that augur well with your outdoor décor such as furniture. When chosen well, a fire pit table can become the centerpiece for your outdoor living area.

When choosing a fire pit table, you want to consider the build of the unit and the aesthetic as well as the practical features it presents. When considering the build, you are looking at the shape, hardiness, and height. Fire pit tables can be made of cast concrete, numerous metals such as steel, aluminum, and cast iron, and their tabletops can be constructed from the mentioned material as well ceramic tiles, tempered glass, or granite stone.

The materials are hardy, beautiful, and easy to clean. Another common material used on the body of the fire pit table is wicker and rattan. Some table designs are low profile while others are high enough to accommodate dining chairs and also serve as a dining table with a fire pit in the middle.

Shapes of fire tables can vary widely and feature round, square, rectangle, and oval. So be sure to choose a shape and design that will maximize the space of the spot that you have chosen for the table.

Most fire pit tables use a 20 pound LPG tank and come with smooth ignition via a knob or spark button that ensures instant ignition. Others will operate on natural gas. If you are concerned about safety because of kids, most units also include safety features that guard against kids accidentally igniting the unit.

In terms of aesthetics, you want to choose a fire pit table with a finish that suits your outdoor décor, this can be rattan or wicker which matches your existing outdoor wicker furniture. It can also be a smooth or rugged exterior that agrees with other elements of your exterior décor. Most consumers prefer a table that’s seamlessly able to conceal the propane tank and thus ensure a neat fluid look.

If your balcony, deck, or patio is partially covered, then you have little to worry about in terms of wind threatening to snuff out your flames. If where you are placing the fire pit tables is open, then you can use a glass screen that shields the flames from the wind.

Fire pit tables are not exactly designed for cooking so don’t! Unless you want to ruin the functionality and aesthetics your fire pit table.

Traditional Fire Pits

Traditional fire pits are an exceptional option when what you need for your backyard is a fierce bonfire to light your evening and drive out the cold on those chilly nights. They make excellent spots for gathering to warm yourself, converse and even cook if you are so inclined.

If you love cooking in the outdoors on an open fire, then a fire pit is the best option that will meet that need. A stone fire pit is a versatile addition to your backyard and the finishing can be done with exquisite and dazzling masonry that remains tough and is resistant to the outdoors inclement weather.

This often rugged aesthetic agrees well with your exterior decor while providing you with an excellent fire that can be used in many ways. The brim of a fire pit has a broad surface area and can be used to place a cold beer, a glass of wine, or a plate as you sit around the fire and entertain your guests.

To cook using a fire pit, you need a fire grate that is placed on top of the pit opening and can be used to roast and grill meat and some veggies. If you love barbeques and have them often or you frequently throw cook-outs in the summer, a fire pit is the best option for your backyard.

A majority of these fire pits use wood as fuel and also make use of coal or natural gas. Burning wood and some smoke add a charring and delightful flavor to grilled food that is hard to replicate with any other source of cooking fuel.


So which option is the best?

That verdict is based on your needs and which option will best serve those needs. If you are looking for a clean, versatile, decorative centerpiece fire that can easily be enjoyed at the push of a button, the fire pit table will take the win.

However, if what you need is a wood-powered fire pit that you can bask around or even cook, grill, roast, and fry, then a traditional fire pit wins the crown.











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