Why Fire Pit Tables are Great For Swimming Pool Areas

Why Fire Pit Tables are Great For Swimming Pool Areas

Want to spruce up your pool area with functional and practical pieces? Well, you can’t go wrong with introducing a fire pit table to pool area as a centerpiece for gathering, sitting, and enjoying a good meal or drinks after a swim.

Daytime poolside dining offers a calm and cool experience when the weather is hot and favorable. In the evening, the dining experience is especially novel when you are dining poolside and on a fire pit table with flames ablaze. Other accents that make poolside dining great, are when the pool deck and surrounding areas are fitted with cozy lighting that adds to the ambiance.

Why a Fire Pit Table for Your Pool Area?

A fire pit table is a great option because of the build and utility.

While they come in numerous shapes and sizes, fire pit tables are constructed with materials that can endure outdoor exposure and remain durable and functional over many years.

You will be glad to know that you can select from options that have adequate height and enough leg space for you to sit comfortably as you would on a conventional dining table. Only this time a fire pit is integrated into the middle.

You can always opt for a large fire pit table for larger gatherings if you gave the space.

A fire pit table for your poolside can come accompanied by matching or complementing seats or you get a dining fire pit table of your choice and get the seats separately. Dining fire pit tables can seat 4 to 6 people larger options can accommodate as many as 8 persons.

The beauty of a fire pit table by your poolside or even inside the pool area itself is you want a more dramatic look  is s also the fact that it is portable. Two people can carry the unit to any selected spot on the pool deck depending on occasion or preference. When the weather is really hot during the summer, you can enjoy the cool water of a pool and retreat to a shaded spot on the decks such as one with a pergola.

That area can be furnished with a sunbed as well as a dining fire pit table with seats all around. Here you can relax to enjoy a book after a swim or sit for drinks or a meal with family and friends.

Design and construction

Fire pits tables come in numerous shapes, designs and sizes. This gives you a wide array of fire pit table options to choose from. The shapes can be anything from round, curved, rectangle, oval, or square. Other than the shape, part of the design variation comes from the height of a fire pit table. As we mentioned earlier, a fire pit table purposed for ding will have a taller height and provide plenty of legroom and countertop surface area to hold plates and cups.

Low profiles options are excellent for gathering around for warmth and often have wide ledges to hold a glass of wine or a plate of food. Irrespective of the size, fire pit tables are made in durable materials such as cast concrete, tiles, stucco, blocks, and bricks to name a few. The finishing can be smooth or rugged. The countertop of a fire pit table can be made of the said materials as well as granite or tiles. Fire pit tables can also come with rattan or wicker finishes that complement the rest of your pool furniture such as wicker seats and sunbeds. Popular materials for outdoor use these ones.

The middle section of the countertop is in most cases endowed with a stainless steel fire pan that has gas jets and comes littered with fire glass or lava rocks depending on the brand.

A top preference for most, fire glass comes in many delightful colors and adds a gorgeous aesthetic to the unit whether the fire is on or not. Fire glass comes in the shape of pebbles or cubes and features colors like aqua, emerald green, clear, and red to name a few. They also come in reflective or non-reflective forms for additional allure. Other than beauty, the purpose of fire glass is to disperse heat.

Lava rock often has an earthy hue of brown, black, or grey. They are natural stones from molten lava and do a great job of absorbing heat.

 Time to Spruce Your Up Your Pool

Fire pit tables can be used on the poolside for great aesthetics as well as practical function.

When the wind is a problem, fire tables can be accessorized with a fire glass screen that helps keep the flames going without interruption despite the breeze.

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