4 Important Accessories For the Best Fire Pit Experience

4 Important Accessories For the Best Fire Pit Experience

Important accessories for enhancing your fire pit experience are,

  • Fire pit mat for under the fire pit
  • Wind guard for winds
  • Fire glass/ lava rocks
  • Screen for the case of wood burning fire pits

Now that you have invested in a fire pit  you will likely notice that it has brought a welcomed transformative look to your outdoor living area.

Now you can go a step further to improve the look and function of your exterior space by dressing your fire features with some delightful and practical fire accessories that may improve overall functionality.

  1. Fire Pit Mat

What is a fire pit mat? It’s a heat-resistant mat or pad that is placed underneath a portable fire pit to prevent surfaces from getting damaged. The mat can do so because it is heat-resistant and can therefore be used to effectively protect wooden decks, patios, lawns, and any other surface you put your fire pit on.

Some patios have a partially or fully covered roof and are decked with elaborate wooden floors, while some backyards have exquisitely manicured grass and the owner would rather have a portable fire pit but are often worried about creating inconsistencies and floor patches on the deck or grass surface. This is where a fire pit mat comes in to save the day and allow you to enjoy every benefit that a portable fire pit has to offer.

Laying the fire pit mat or pad underneath the fire pit means all the heat that would otherwise have gone into the wooden floor and discolor it is safely absorbed into the mat. The same goes for grassy patches and stained concrete.

Failure to use a fire pit mat, your low lying fire pit is likely to damage wood, grass, or tile surfaces. A fire pit mat solves that problem for you.

  1. Wind guard

We are enchanted by the beauty of a fire pit table and the beautiful aesthetic opportunities it presents to an exterior space such as a deck, swimming pool area, pergola, balcony, or backyard.

While enjoying the benefits of having a fire pit table, depending on where the fire pit table is located, it may quickly dawn on you that you overlooked something- the winds – that’s because the flames from the fire pit keep getting snuffed out by a strong breeze.

The way to mitigate this issue is to buy a glass wind guard to help keep the flames from getting extinguished.

A glass wind guard is a practical accessory that looks good and remains functional. Consumers often overlook this accessory only to have no choice but to get it later when they encounter the wind problem. When buying a fire pit table, check to see if a glass wind guard is included in the purchase.

Naked flames look amazing on the fire pit table. The accessory is usually made of clear tempered glass that does not detract from the visual beauty of the flames and protects the flames effectively. Furthermore, the accessory can be stored away in seasons when the wind is not an issue.

  1. Fire Glass or Lava Rocks

Fire pit tables are often powered by gas. As such their build will feature a countertop usually made of a bad heat conductor such as granite, tile, or cast concrete. In some instances, extruded aluminum is used as a countertop. The body of the unit is used to conceal a propane tank. The LPG tank gas outlet is connected to gas jets.

The gas jets displayed on the stainless steel plate are often located at the center of the fire pit. The placement of the furnace can differ based on the design of the unit. Fire glass crystals are the most preferred due to their decorative features that are used to fill the exposed stainless pan.

They are used to conceal the gas jets and present the illusion that the fire is coming from seemingly nowhere. This aesthetic is often so effective that most people think that fire glass is the fuel. For the sake of clarity, fire glass is not a fuel source but a decorative accessory.

Further, fire glass is able to absorb and disperse heat effectively to the immediate surroundings of the unit.

In absorbing heat, the fire glass delivers the third function which is to protect the stainless pan from direct heat. That in turn increases the longevity of your fire pit table. The crystals also trap dust and debris and prevent the gas jets from blocking. Fire glass is a mesmerizing fire pit table accessory that helps add to the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space.

The other alternative that serves the same functions as fire glass is lava rocks. Smooth pebbles that can  be used to grace your fire pit table. They are an excellent addition because, like fire glass, they come in many different colors such as white, black, or sandy brown.

If your décor does not need sparkle from crystals, lava rocks will provide you with a toned-down feel and understated look that agrees with the color scheme of a gorgeous yet muted exterior decor

  1. Fire Pit screens

If you have a traditional log-fuelled fire pit, considering a fire screen is recommended for protection from the flying embers and ash.



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