Are Fire Pits Any Good For Cooking? Depends

Are Fire Pits Any Good For Cooking?

In these modern times, you are graced with innovative options that help you make the most of fire and in different settings. Fire pits are examples of how many families enjoy the glow and warmth of flames. And beyond that? Is adding an outdoor cookout experience to that mix possible?

The question now becomes; can fire pits  be used for cooking and if so, how good are they?

Wood Burning Fire Pits

Wood burning fire pits are a great and practical way for enjoying  outdoor fires. They can be as simple as digging a hole in the backyard and lining it with stones, building an elegant one complete with all the necessities for a stylish fire pit landscaping complete with seating or a simple store-bought option.

Just make sure to follow the necessary fire safety guidelines and rules in your locality for fire placement and use. Also, depending on location and placement, a fire pit screen and fire pit mat could be a must-have to protect your property and self.

They are Good for Cooking

While wood burning fire pits are great for creating a bonfire and gathering around for relaxation, they are versatile in that they can also be used for cooking with the right accessories such as grilling and roasting meats. Putting a fire pit grill on top of your fire pit automatically converts into a cooking spot. Or you can choose to buy a fire pit fully fitted with a cooking grate as standard.

Fire pit grills are made of metal and often come with a powder-coated finish to help in resisting intense heat as well as preventing warping and rust.

Further fire pit grills come in various sizes and designs that allow you to cook a wide range of foods such as; roasts and grills for meats. The range of cooking is further extended by the fact that you can also use pots and pans depending on the type of grill you have.

Fire Pit Tables

By fire pit tables here we mean the gas operating ones. Most of them use the standard 20 pound LPG tanks that can either be concealed within the table or can be housed separately depending on the design of the unit. Others run on natural gas.

A fire pit table is more of a sophisticated multipurpose table with a fire burner in the middle in most cases. They lean towards being architectural pieces that are well-designed and are great for warmth purposes as well as warmth and ambiance.

The table countertop is often a tough material that does not conduct heat or does so to a very minimal degree. Tables countertops typically found in fire pit tables include granite, tiles, and aluminum to name a few. The fire pan/burner is then covered with fire media often comprising of fire glass or lava rocks to conceal the gas jets.

Apart from concealment of the burner and serving up decorative aesthetics and better-looking dancing flames, these fire media options also serve to prevent direct heat from getting contact with the pan and therefore lengthening its lifespan. Fire glass in particular, also does an excellent job of dispersing the heat from the flames and warming all those seated around the table.

Fire Tables Don’t Work

So while Fire pit tables make excellent focal point pieces for outdoor living spaces and are a good source of outdoor warmth, they are not any good for cooking and should not be used for cooking. They are just designed for decor and heat purposes thus you will end up clogging the burner, ruining the general aesthetics of your fire pit table as well as the staining fire pit media you’re using.

Beautiful and practical for ambiance and warmth, these types are simply not designed for cooking.

Portable Gas Fire Pits For Light Roasting

Portable fire pits can be used for some light cooking. Things like roasting marshmallows, hotdogs, s’mores and the kind.

Final Thoughts

Wood burning fire pits when equipped with a grate are perfect for barbeque and cookouts. Wood as a fuel provides intense heat and adds to the flavor of food not to mention, it’s more economical.

On the other hand, while a portable gas fire pit can be used for cooking, it will generally not be economical and it’s not recommend by most brands.

Then there is the fire pit table which is an excellent option when you want coziness, warm ambient outdoor setting with a fire but never for cooking.

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