How to Use a Fire Pit to Cook. 5 Accessories Needed

How to Use a Fire Pit to Cook

Most people associate fire pits with bonfires that warm you up against the chill. And while this notion is true and admittedly fire pits do a great job of it, there is so much more to them.

With the right accessories, cooking over your fire pit becomes a very practical option and offers cooking styles that can be enjoyed by the whole family and guests.

Fire pits are versatile and can be used for warmth over a bonfire, and they can also double up as a cooking equipment. However, because different styles of fire pits serve different uses, not all fire pits are ideal for cooking.

For the ideal options, you’ll have purchase the right accessories that convert your fire pit into an instant grilling station.

Buy a Fire Pit Grill

Some fire pits come with a cooking grill while most don’t.

If yours does not have a grill, you can purchase an open fire grill or fire pit grill rack that will work with your fire pit. Good grills are made of high-grade metal and finished with a black powder coating for heat resistance which helps prevent them from warping.

Some grills are made from stainless steel that guarantees no rust, are easy to clean off the greases and fats from meat, and are extremely durable.  Fire pit grills can sit on the brim of the fire pit or they can sink slightly into the pit.

If you want a fire pit cooking grate with plenty of surface area that allows you to make different meals simultaneously, a double-layered option featuring a grill and a skillet is always a good option.

Over and above grilling, you can use the skillet to make pancakes and omelets to name a few. Such grilling racks feature a stake that is driven to the ground right beside the fire pit and the skillet are easily attached to it. When done with the cooking, the accessory can be easily disassembled and stored away until the next grilling session.

Fuel types

With a fitting grill on your fire pit, the next thing you need is to know what fuel your fire pit uses. Most common fire pits are fueled by wood and a select few are powered by propane gas. Of the two, wood is also preferred because its cheaper and furthermore, for grilling and roasting meats, nothing quite compares to wood or coal as fuel.

Logs and coal will inevitably smoke and even partially char sections of the meat. The slow-burning embers of wood are renowned for the woody and smoky flavor they infuse into the meat as it cooks in its fats culminating in impeccably delicious meat.

While grilling is not rocket science it does take some prowess in mastering the right heat level and time for a well-grilled meat. While food grilled over a propane fire pit will also be delicious, wood is amazing at unlocking and adding a pleasant twist to the taste profile of all kinds of meat.

Other Cooking Accessories You Can Use With a Fire Pit

1. Spit roasting

Spit roasting is an ancient way of cooking where the entire carcass of an animal are driven through a spit and roasted over an open fire. With fire pit small animals such as poultry, rabbit, and baby pig are excellent options for spit-roasting them whole over a fire pit.

Rotisseries can be used over a fire pit and are readily available in leading online stores.

2. Pot Cooking

A grilling rack can take on pots as well. Pots over a fire do a fantastic job of making stews and broths or brewing tea. Other cooking accessories ideal for this include tripod stands  and grill swings.

3. Skewering

The beauty of a fire pit is the fact that even when you are not hosting but simply hanging out with family on a quiet evening at home, there is always the option of skewering marshmallows, sausages, or small chunks of meat as you spend time under the night’s sky filled with starry hosts. The trick to skewering such items over a fire pit is to use metal skewers as opposed to wooden ones.

4. Cooking Griddles

Great for cooking small pieces of meals like sausages, eggs, bacon and sandwiches, these offer great surface area to work with. Depending on the size of your fire pit, griddles of various sizes and designs are available in plenty constructed from materials  cast iron and steel.



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