Oriflamme Outdoor Fire Pit Tables Review-Quality And Elegant Fire Tables

The Oriflamme Fire Tables are all manufactured in the USA by Designing Fire. They boast of luxury,beauty, elegance, high regard to quality and improved functionality which is perhaps why they are one of the highest rated fire pit tables in the market today. Oriflamme fire tables have been featured in numerous national magazines, shows and websites such as HGTV which says a lot about their quality of design.

If you’re looking for a quality, stylish luxury fire pit table  that is well worth the money, then my number recommendation would be the Oriflamme fire pit tables. These fire tables are uniquely crafted from the highest quality metals and coated with a beautiful weather resistant finish for an elegant look that also ensures your fire table remains as good as new through years of remarkable outdoor experience.

Additionally, Oriflamme fire pit tables come with unique features that take the functionality aspect and uniqueness of these fire tables to a whole new level.

These features include;

1.Dual propane system

Oriflamme fire pit tables over 42″ inches all come with the new dual propane system which simply means that your fire pit table will be able to house within it and operate on 2 standard propane tanks, which translates to double the burn time. Operating on dual propane tanks you will have burn times of approximately between 30-40 hours versus single propane tank burn times of between 15-20 hours depending on outside conditions and flame height

2. Elegant steel burner system

Oriflamme fire tables feature the elegance burner design which means that burning takes place throughout the whole burner as opposed to burning through ring as is custom with many fire tables. The steel burner does not corrode.

3. Attached with bottle openers

All fire tables come fitted with a bottle opener which is very convenient for opening those bottles during outdoor entertainment.

Other features common with Oriflamme fire tables
  • Most of their fire pit tables have a heat source of 65,000 BTU’s and up.
  • All fire tables come coated with highest quality copper vein finish that prevents any rusting.
  • All table components are interchangeable.
  • Fire tables re easy to set up and no tools required.
  • They are portable and can easily be around your patio or porch.
  •  Adjustable frame levelers for uneven surfaces.
  • Full Manufacturers warranty.
  • Wonderful customer service. Unlike some fire pit customer service, Oriflamme customer service is very friendly and prompt at fixing problems and answering your Oriflamme related questions.
  • You access the propane tank from the top. No access door at the side.
 Included with Oriflamme fire tables
  • All  fire tables come with a powder coated metal lid that protects the steel burners and also allows you to convert the fire table into a fully functioning table.
  • Come with decorative fire glass.
  • A burner puller for lifting the burner when you need to access the propane tank.
Available Separately
  • Ice bucket insert like the one shown. It fits any Oriflamme fire table model and is forged from 100% high quality steel with powder coated finish for longevity.
  • Natural Gas Conversion kit .


 Best Rated Oriflamme Fire Tables

Hammered Copper 42″ Round Oriflamme Gas Fire Pit Table 

  • Made of real 18 Gauge Hammered Copper with copper vein powder finish to prevent weathering and maintain its patina look.
  • Features a rust resistant stainless steel elegance burner for maximum warmth of up to 75,000 BTUs of heat on propane gas and 90,000 on natural gas.
  • Features a dual self contained exchangeable propane tank system  which means that unlike other gas fire pit tables on the market this 42″ fire table can hold 2 standard size propane tanks(20lbs) for double the burn time.
  • 21 3/4″ in height, the standard coffee table height making it very functional both as a table and for keeping you warm as heat rises from the fire table.
  • Comes with beautiful fire pit glass in a mixture of copper, black reflective and gold reflective.
  • Also includes a lid with matching powder coating which has a small, round knob/handle in the center.
  • Hammered copper fire table top also comes in sizes  40″ Square and 48″ Round.


  • Diameter 42″
  • Height – 21 3/4″
  • Burner diameter – 22″
  • Total Weight – 170lbs

38″ Gas Fire Pit Table Oriflamme Tuscan Stone

  • Features a high grade powder coating in beige and copper vein (dark brown) color. The base and lid also powder coated to ensure rust resistance and corrosion.
  • Elegance burner with up to up to 75,000 BTUs on propane and up to 90,000 BTUs on natural gas.
  • 19″ inch standard coffee table height fire pit.
  • Includes a protective lid with matching powder finish.
  • Fire glass in a mixture of copper, gold reflective and black reflective.
  • This 38″ fire pit table uses a single  standard propane tank which is housed within the fire pit table through an easy access door.
  • The Tuscan table top  fire table is available in other size variations of 42″ round, 40″ square and 48″ round.


  • 38 diameter
  • Height – 21 3/4″
  • Burner diameter – 22″
  • Total Weight – 150lbs

Elegance Oriflamme 42″ Outdoor Fire Pit Table Tropical Brown

  • Features a 42″ full bull nose round granite top in tropical brown with powder coated base to prevent any rusting.
  • Stainless steel designed propane burner.
  • High to low control knob on the side of the fire table up to 75,000 BTUs.
  • Includes the new dual tank system which allows to standard propane tanks to sit inside the fire table for increased burn time.
  • Comes complete with a metal lid and all urban fire glass.
  • This design is available in sizes – 42″ Round, 40″ square, 45″ octagon and 48″ Round.


  • 42″ wide
  • Height – 21 3/4″”
  • Burner diameter – 22″
  • Total Weight – 170lbs

 Oriflamme Savanna 38″ Fire Pit Table Top

  • This fire pit table is made from quartz concrete mixture and finished with a hand-troweled matte brown industrial look.
  • 21 3/4” inches standard coffee table height for increased functionality and warmth.
  • Stainless steel elegance burner with a BTU rating of up to 75,000 BTUs on propane and up to 90,000 BTUs on natural gas.
  • Comes with fire glass in a mixture of bronze reflective, copper and platinum.
  • Comes with a matching powdered coated metal lid.
  • High to low control knob on the side of the table for adjusting the flames.
  • Single exchangeable propane tank system for the 38″Oriflame Savanna round fire pit table. However, the dual propane tank system is offered for the same Savanna model but for sizes 42″ round, 40″ square, and 48″ round.


  • Diameter38″
  • Height – 21 3/4″
  • Burner diameter – 22″
  • Total Weight – 150lbs

Oriflamme Gas Fire Table – 45″ Giallo Fiorito Octogon


  • This elegant  Oriflamme fire pit table features a steel frame with 100% real granite beautiful table top with a beveled 4 inch edges.
  • The frame is coated with a high quality powder finish to complement the sophisticated style of the granite top making this fire not only functional but also a beautiful centerpiece that would add style to any outdoor living space.
  • It is 21 3/4 inches high.
  • Rating of 75,000 BTUs on propane and up to 90,000 BTUs with natural gas.
  • Unique elegant burner design providing flame throughout the whole burner versus through just a small ring.
  •   Dual propane tank system for double the burn time.
  •  Includes urban fire glass and a matching Oriflamme powder-coated steel lid.
  • Has a high to low control knob on the side of the base that allows you to adjust the heat.
  • Comes in variations of 4 colors of granite for the table top.


  • 45″ table top
  • Height – 21 3/4″”
  • Burner diameter – 22″
  • Total Weight – 200lbs

The  award winning Oriflamme Outdoor Gas Fire Pit Tables are built to withstand almost any weather condition so with proper care and maintenance, you can be assured of years of exceptional service from your fire table. They are also beautiful which makes them perfect outdoor centerpieces for adding style and elegance to the outdoor living area so if you’re in the market for an outdoor fire pit table, just take my advice and go for an Oriflamme gas fire table.

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