What is an Infrared Gas Grill? Infrared Grilling Explained

Infrared Gas Grill
An infrared gas grill is a grill that uses the TRU-Infrared system of cooking. When cooking, radiant heat comes into contact with food which makes the molecules within the food to vibrate thus creating heat. But you see, the intensity of this heat that is produced during cooking is usually inconsistent which is what you can expect to get with any natural fire. Now, this is where the TRU-Infrared technology comes in. You see the TRU-Infrared system sits above the fuel source, be it gas, charcoal or electric source and the generated heat is quickly and efficiently evenly re-distributed and transferred on the cooking surface. The entire cooking surface is heated with not hot o Infrared Grillingr cold spots.
The benefit of using an infrared gas grill is that TRU-Infrared uses radiant heat energy to lock in up to 50% more juices than traditional grills fore more delicious and flavored foods. What happens with a traditional grill is that much of the energy source is lost during the cooking process. This is because during cooking, the grill actually heats more air instead of heating the food which is not only inefficient but it also ends up drying the food. But with an infrared gas grill, heat is sent directly to your food as the TRU-Infrared system sits above the fuel source. Less air is heated, your food is heated directly thereby retaining more moisture.

With an infrared gas grill, there are no flare ups resulting in charred, burnt foods. The TRU-Infrared system restricts air flow that ignites food drippings and causes flare ups. The drippings are instantly vaporized infusing the rich smoky and steam flavors back into your food, no doubt adding to the flavor and deliciousness of your food.

In summary;

Why an infrared gas grill is much better that any other type of grill;

  • Results in evenly cooked food as the TRU-Infrared system of cooking produces intensely hotInfrared Gas Grillheat that is equally and efficiently re-distributed across the cooking surface, eliminating the inconsistency of cold and hot spots.
  • The intense heat that is quickly and efficiently transferred to the cooking surface facilitates faster cooking with the use of less gas, thus saving on time and gas.
  • Food cooked with an infrared gas grill come tender and packed with 50% more juices and more flavor than an ordinary grill as more heat is applied to the food and less to the air. Also the vaporized drippings are infused back to the food adding to the flavor.
  • No flare ups because the air flow that ignites food drippings and cause flare ups is restricted and vaporized to be infused back to the food.

So if you’re looking to purchase a grill, then an infrared gas grill is worth considering given the many benefits over those other traditional grills. Just like the ordinary grills, they are affordable,  and come in different sizes to suit different home needs. For the best infrared gas grills, Char-Broil is the only brand of grills you’re looking for. With an infrared gas grill, you can be assured of the perfect, most efficient cooking experience that you may not get with an ordinary grill.

Check out this video by Char-Broil on additional information on infrared gas grills and how this infrared grilling technology works.

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