How to Prevent Meat From Sticking To a Grill

If you’re here, you’ve probably had the misfortune of  having meat stuck to your grill.  It can be  frustrating and the end result is usually food that is not very pretty to look at. Below we give you tips to help prevent meat from sticking on your grill; How to Prevent Meat From Sticking To a Grill

Keep your grill grates clean

Food will not only stick to a dirty grill but accumulated grease and food particles do nothing to help with the quality and flavor of your food, which is why grates should be cleaned after each use.

After you’re done cooking on your grill, brush off the grease and food particles using an ideal brush. You will have to do this while the grates are hot so first you will have to light the grill up for 10 to 15 minutes. This will help to soften the grease and food particles for easier scraping off. Take care not to burn your hands by directly touching the hot grates.

For a thorough cleaning, you can then soak the grates for an hour in some hot water mixed with either baking soda and vinegar or baking soda and dish washing liquid soap. After that scrub off any remaining food particles and dry your grates.

1. Oil the grill grates before cooking

A layer of cooking oil on a grill grate before you cook on it will help food prevent food from sticking on it. A small amount of oil is applied on the grates using a paper towel with tongs or a glove or you could also use a bristle brush. Make sure you don’t apply too much or you will risk having flare-ups during cooking when the oils drip into the fire. That will definitely not have fun while cooking not to mention the flare-ups will ruin the taste and quality of your food.

Instead of using cooking oil to lubricate the grates, you could  also cut a piece of fat (if any) from the meat that you’re about to cook and rub it on the grill grates.

After your grill grates are fully oiled up, you can then proceed to put the meat on them.

2. Oil the meat

Alternatively, you can opt to oil your meat before placing it on the grill. Just remember to do so sparingly to avoids flare-ups caused by drippings.

3. Using a aluminum foil to precook

Place a layer of aluminum foil on the grill and oil it well. Then place your meat on the foil and lightly cook both sides. The precooked meat will be less likely to stick on the grill grates when you transfer it to the hot grill for searing.

4. Grill should always be hot

The grill should always be hot before you add the meat to it as the the hot grates create that brown top crust (searing) on meat thus preventing it from sticking to your grill.

The above four methods are the best and most common ways to effectively prevent the meat from sticking to your grill. Got any useful tip not mentioned in this post? We would love to hear from you.



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