blue rhino lpBlue Rhino GAD860SP, LP Gas Outdoor Firebowl With Slate/Marble Mantel  is constructed with a high regard to quality to ensure years of burn time and outdoor fun for many season to come. It features an attractive fire bowl with porcelain steel bowl and slate/marble mantel that makes it very appealing and durable.

The lower frame is made from heavy gauge steel with an antique bronze finish. The burner is made from cast iron for increased durability.

Inside the two doors, there is enough room for the propane tank and some room for storage. The sliding shelf on which the propane tank is placed makes it easy to install or replace the tank.

It features a hidden control panel and an electronic ignition for easy lighting, and it includes gas fire pit logs and lava rock to give the appearance of a beautiful wood burning fire pit.

With a burner rating of 40,000 Btu’s, a 20-pound liquid propane tank would do fine in ensuring great fire pit flames while providing lots for heat to keep loved ones warm.

Once it is put together you will find it very sturdy and easy to use.

Because the slate mantel is wide enough, you can set your drinks, plates or even feet on it as you enjoy the outdoor ambience with family and loved ones. It’s sufficient enough to accommodate a gathering of at least eight people, two on each side.


Assembly takes quite some time, not that it’s difficult or anything, just time consuming. The end product is however worth it.

The cover the package comes with is flimsy and weak especially at the corners so don’t expect it to last very long. This is however common, I’m yet to see a fire pit that comes in a strong durable cover.

Only other problem is that many reviewers have complained about soot and bad smell. Probably maybe because the air/propane mixture is out of proportion. To fix this, a reviewer took out the burner, lava rocks and logs and replaced it with 12″ stainless steel burner, air mixer and fire glass. This supposedly fixed that problem.

And oh do note, the set up instructions don’t have a narrative, just pictures, but step by step.

Tips and pointers from other customers:

It would be easier, faster and it will prevent frustrations if a minimum of two people assemble this fire pit. One to help hold the panels in place whilst the other screws in bolts. Also, attaching the burner assembly to the mantle will best be achieved with two people.

Once it is built, Blue Rhino or Endless Summer GAD860SP, LP Gas Outdoor Firebowl With Slate/Marble Mantel is quite heavy and one person will have difficulty moving it. Two strong people could but to avoid the hassle, build the fire pit close to where you are going to be using it.

During assembling, be sure to lay all the parts in their correct location first before you tighten the screws to ensure the parts align correctly. Doing otherwise will be quite frustrating when you have to unscrew and screw again when the parts don’t sit well.

In summary;
  • Gas outdoor fire bowl with porcelain steel bowl and slate/marble mantel
  • 40,000 Btu cast iron burner for sufficient flames and heat with a 20 pound LP tank
  • Hidden control panel with electronic ignition for easy starts.
  • Handcrafted slate/marble mantel to fit any outdoor setting.
  • Includes a protective cover.

For the price, I would say that the Blue Rhino or Endless Summer GAD860SP, LP Gas Outdoor Firebowl With Slate/Marble Mantel  is great value for your money. ! I would give this outdoor fire table a 4.4 out of 5 rating.